Error Feedback Message Not Disappearing automatically

Hi Guys,

I am using the built-in feedback message to display error message. Apparently I notice that it does not disappear like the success message when your CRUD Operation does not end by redirecting on a different page. I am using dublin template.

Is there a way to set a time or adjust the behavior same as the success feedback message?



Hi Michael,

This is default functionality of feedback message in OS. We can't make any change on it. It will go when you click on "X" icon.


Rajat Agrawal

Hi Michael,

Try this Feedback Message ++ , this will fulfill your requirement.



Hey, you can use this function under Web, in JavaScript, on your front end Module properties

function hideFeedbackMessage(waitBeforeClose){
    //Cancel previous hide animation if exists

    RichWidgets_Feedback_Message_timerHide = window.setTimeout( function(){ 
      RichWidgets_Feedback_Message_widget.hide('slide',{direction:'up'}, 500)
    , waitBeforeClose);