[Google Analytics] List of Steps to Implement

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Published on 19 Jun by Sofia Mourato
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Published on 19 Jun by Sofia Mourato

I am unable to get it working. Tried replacing the value in the Sample with my own tracking code but am not getting any response on the Analytics end (0 Active Users). 

Are there any steps besides placing the GoogleAnalyticsInitialization in the Common/Header and putting the correct Tracking Code?


Hello Paolo,

Thanks for your interest in the component. In fact, there was *an issue* introduced with the latest version. The initial version was using an older implementation of Analytics JavaScript and was sending the pageview event by default. With the new version, this was not happening - it would require the invocation of the SendEvent server action.

Nonetheless, in order to make it more user-friendly, I've added a boolean input parameter to the Initialization block which, by default, is true. This means that no further changes are required to send your pageviews into your analytics account.

And yes, right now you just need to change your tracking id and put the block on the page. :)



When user can click the order save button, I wanna know how many users click the button. How can I use the two server action in my Save action.