Good evening guys, someone already made a dropdown list on the mobile phone using a web service answer list ?


Daniël Kuhlmann wrote:


Where could I see a demonstration?

Hi Daianne,

Sorry for my short answer, but I couldn't resist with a question like that.

I can't show you the applications we used it, but the steps to take are not that complicated:

  1. On the Logic tab, folders Integration --> Rest, you  define the REST API that you like to consume, there documentation on OutSystems/learn on how to do that.

  2. On your screen where the list is, in click right mouse and in the popup menu select Fetch data from other sources

  3. In the new data action that is created drag the REST api method that you want to call

  4. Add an Output parameter with same structure as the REST api method has as response

  5. Add the list widget to your screen if not already on it and select the DataAction output parameter on the Source property
  6. Now you can use for example the ListItem widget to bind data from the REST api output to each list item.



If in remember well in the a REST Api is consumed to show movie posters in a list. 


Hi Daianne,

The steps for the dropdown list (from web service) implementation is very well described by Daniel in the above post. In support to that I have created a small demonstration module for Populating a dropdown list from web service in Mobile Application (PFA).

Hope it helps.

Kind Regards,

Benjith Sam