I was wondering if there is some way to use Service Studio to achieve certain things like: 'Create a new App' or 'Create a new window' or 'Create a new Action', without using Service Studio directly. Perhaps an API that connects to whatever environment, then another that creates a new app in that environment, then another that creates a window etc.

Is this at all possible?

Any help / ideas would be appreciated.

Hi Sias,

Although there are a lot of platform API's for many tasks you can do in OutSystems, one for Service Studio I never heard of.



Sent it to OutSystems Ideas.

Same need here in order to automate some stuff.

I did once try a free trail of an RPA tool to generate my custom CRUD wrappers for an entity.

Got the basics working for one, but not being an expert on the RPA tool did not find the effort worth the gains. 

Would love to team up with someone who is really good at that and see if more boring repetitive  tasks in service studio could be automated.