Removing old espaces that are tagged

Removing old espaces that are tagged


Hi, I am using the personal environment, and have used DBCleaner successfully several times. However I noticed while trying to delete old espace versions under "Factory" I received the following message:-

"229 eSpace versions are excluded from this list because they are used in tagged versions of applications or solutions"

How can I see what versions are tagged? Is it possible to remove these versions. I never intentionally tagged them, so this seems to be quite a high number.


Andy Tucker.

Hello Andy,

If you keep deleting the versions (it delete 100 versions at a time), you will see that this number reduces by 100... Or a little less, depending on the number of versions that it can delete.

You must understand also that in the Factory, you can delete only versions that are older than 7 days (at minimum), and that you can't delete all versions. Published versions for example, are not deletable this way, as well as versions used in solutions (that can have many versions) and tagged (in LifeTime).

Hope this helps you.


EDIT: Remember also that every publish creates a new version of a module, so you can have a considerable number of versions created in a singl eweek (that you will not be able to delete this way), if you use a lot the F5 (publish to public area) instead of the F6 (publish to personal area to test).

Hi Eduardo,

I see that I can tag a version in Lifetime by clicking on an application and then clicking 'TAG VERSION'.  I've never clicked this for any of my applications yet I seem to have 283 tagged versions. 

Can you explain what a tagged version is and how can we see a list? Do you know if there's a way to un-tag a version? They seem to be taking up about 30% of my personal environment. This is based on approximately 10% reduction in System Data for each 100 versions removed (using 'Delete Old Versions of eSpaces') and having 283 tagged versions that can't be removed. 

Thank you!

Hi Marcos,

I think in a personal, everytime you publish a module/application for the first time, it creates a tagged version in Life automatically. If I enter in LifeTime in my personal Environment, I see all my applications tagged, including system applications.

So, how many modules including system modules you have in your system?
Maybe this number is from the 0.1 tagged version of each application.

It seems all the applications listed in Lifetime are tagged? In my PE it also seems like it's the first version of every app based on the version number, but when I look at the dates the oldest one is 04 Oct 2018, around when I upgraded to ServiceStudio v11. Interestingly, I haven't been able to locate the oldest one (TrigFunctions) in the eSpaces list in ServiceCenter.

I count 19 items in the Lifetime application list (/lifetime/Applications_List.aspx). I count 69 items in the eSpaces list of ServiceCenter (/ServiceCenter/eSpaces_List.aspx).

This is exactly my concern. Since the upgrade to version 11 I've got any more tagged eSpaces that can't be deleted. Is there any way to remove them?

Hi All,

I'm having the same issue...was there a resolution to this? Any help is greatly appreciated