close or kill existing database connection sessions

We Are running with OS 10 Java stack.

We have created a database connection to an Oracle Database.

This connection is used in our applications.

This database connection uses a session pool with several sessions for this connection.

The application is divided in a Outsystems installation part and a database installation part.

When the database part is installed, we sometimes get problems with the existing (not used) database connections, when they are used again after the installation.

So, after an database installation, I like to Close or kill the outsystems sessions for that specific connection. They will automatically created again when the application is trying to use them.

Is there an outsystems api to close or kill the sessions from an In outsystems created database connection? 

Hi Fred,

AFAIK there are no such API's.
Given that this would be kind of an unnatural approach, I wouldn't expect such an API to be produced.

If the pool "lease" isn't released this -in my experience- usually has to do with situations like:
- Open transactions
- Still running queries

You could try putting a BEGIN WORK; (Or BEGIN TRANSACTION; or similar statement)
followed by the SQL work you want to do and ending with either:
ROLLBACK; (or similar) or
COMMIT WORK; (or similar)

Above statements obviously depend on the database server you're running.

The effect you're having is one of the reasons I am not very fond of Java Database Connection Pools.