[Infosistema DMM] Can we use this to migrate tables created outside Outsystems to ESpace entities?

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Published on 8 Feb (8 days ago) by Infosistema Solutions
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Published on 8 Feb (8 days ago) by Infosistema Solutions


We have a legacy .NET application with lot of tables in database.

We want to replicate these in our Outsystems cloud along with the database. 

I have mentioned the problem in detail over here: https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/41147/data-migration-to-outsystems-cloud-from-a-on-premise-database/#Post147913

So - is it possible to convert tables created outside OutSystems to eSpace entities in OutSystems cloud using 'ReFactor''?

Please let me know.

Thanks in advance

Of course. There are a few ways to accomplish this. The quickest way would be to export the table structure to and Excel file, then import it into OutSystems as an entity.