[Multiple File Upload] JAVA support for back end code outsystem 11

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Published on 2 Jan by Remco Dekkinga
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Published on 2 Jan by Remco Dekkinga

Hi  - 

I am new and learning OutSystem. When I took first data modeling exercise, I found that the back end code generated it  .NET C#. Can I change it to JAVA stack? 


That would depend on which platform server you've got installed. You must have the Java stack installed in order to generate Java code.

Hi Shruti,

First of all, I can't see how this is related with the Multiple Upload component, so I'm moving this to another, more generic, forum.

Regarding your question, the last OutSystems platform version supporting the Java stack is OutSystems 10.

In order to generate Java code on OutSystems 10, you have to be connected to an Environment running on the Java stack. The Platform Server has two versions, one for Windows/.NET another for Linux/Java. Depending on which version was installed, the code generated will be either .NET or Java. This means that it is transparent for the developer, and the same application can generate C#/.NET code or Java code depending on which environment it is published to.

Be careful if you are using Extensions though, as these need to have an implementation for the stack you are installing them on.

Developers usually provide database engine and stack compatibility on their component's details page. According to information provided on the Multiple Upload Details's page, it supports both stacks, so its safe to use anywhere.