How to create a pop-up screen from a server action?

I want to call a screen from a server action and I want the screen to be a pop-up (the screen is not called from anywhere else).  Obviously I can't add a popup_editor widget to a server action to turn it into a popup, so is there another way to do it?

I created a dummy invisible button to connect it to a popup_editor widget but I don't know how to simulate clicking on the button to call it via that?  Is there a way to do this does anyone know please?


"richWidgets" has a "Widget_Click" action that you could use to click on the invisible button by providing the


Hi Sienna,

That is the way and you can use this piece of code: 



Hi Sienna,

You can use the server action 'Widget_Click' from RichWidgets to click the link (defined on the screen) that navigates to the popup. If you don't want to show the link, you would have to add 'display: none' to the style classes of the link.

Let me know if this worked for you.


Hi Sienna,

Please follow below steps to call popup screen from server action:

1. Add a popup link/button and associate this to popup_editor widget to call the popup screen.

2. Hide this link using display none extended property.

3. In server action call the popup link/button using Widget_Click 

In this way you can achieve your goal.



Brilliant, thanks everyone - works perfectly!! :)

Sienna Davids wrote:

Brilliant, thanks everyone - works perfectly!! :)

No problem, you are very welcome