[Clean Architecture Tool] P11 version arrived!

[Clean Architecture Tool] P11 version arrived!

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Published on 11 Dec (4 days ago) by J.
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Published on 11 Dec (4 days ago) by J.

Hey folks,

just uploaded a new version of Clean Architecture Tool for P11.

Biggest changes is that I have removed the dependency to Discovery.

It still uses the snaphot, but I simply cloned it. It might change over time, because I have different requirements for the snapshot.

Hi J.

Thx for this tool. On Try Now > Architecture Diagram gives an internal error.



Ugh, thanks.

never change one thing at last minute and thinking it's a harmless change..

I have included some new features (weighted edges and double layering)

as usual feedback/suggestions would love them to hear

Will V10 also be updated with the latest enhancements (if also applicable to V10)?


sorry, but since I am developing this on my PE I have no access to P10 anymore.