[Clean Architecture Tool] P11 version arrived!

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Published on 14 Feb by J.
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Published on 14 Feb by J.

Hey folks,

just uploaded a new version of Clean Architecture Tool for P11.

Biggest changes is that I have removed the dependency to Discovery.

It still uses the snaphot, but I simply cloned it. It might change over time, because I have different requirements for the snapshot.

Hi J.

Thx for this tool. On Try Now > Architecture Diagram gives an internal error.



Ugh, thanks.

never change one thing at last minute and thinking it's a harmless change..

I have included some new features (weighted edges and double layering)

as usual feedback/suggestions would love them to hear

Will V10 also be updated with the latest enhancements (if also applicable to V10)?


sorry, but since I am developing this on my PE I have no access to P10 anymore.

Hi J,

i find this tool very helpful in large factories (imagine a factory with 200 apps maintained by several teams in an environment with several business lines). 

As you pointed in the application description, this kind of architecture visualization (lack in discovery tool) is very useful to all the players in large factories and it really helps to track some architecture problems and decide the best way to solve them.

however, in this kind of factories the evolution pace is slow, i can't expect  a factory with this volume to migrate to outsystems 11 as fast as a small/recent factories. This is why is important to provide retro compatibility and deliver new functionalities in clean architecture tool for outsystems 10.

Hope to get this great new funcionalities in osys 10 ;)

best regards

Rui Madaleno