Extracting attribute at run time

I have a use case where user will build a dynamic report from a record or create a custom column with some formula for example sum of attribute1 + attribute2. How can I achieve this dynamism in the expression or any other approach?


Hello Prasad,

You can search FORGE to see if you find something that allows this. I don't know any, personally (never look after it, anyway).

But allowing a user to create "on demand" reports where he decides exactly what he wants to show is not a simple feature, and allowing him to create expressions is even more complex (needs an expression analizer and an interpreter).

So, I don't know if you will find something "ready" in Forge.

You will most likely have to use third party software in order to do this.

But like I said, maybe there is something in Forge. Take a look will not kill anyone ;)

You can implement the code to do this yourself, of course.