Communication Error:Host not found

I installed Development Environment (IDE) for personal.When I connect to my cloud environment,I get an error "There was an error contacting <my> Host not found." I accessed "http://<my>", and it worked(my environment is awaking).So,what should I do next?I've already checked this page,but I have not be able to solve the error.(

If you are sure you enter the correct hostname and have internet and still get this error you can open a support ticket on outsystems,com/support

Thanks,Daniel.Do you know which keyword is the best to add as exceptions of proxy(Internet option)?I add "*outsystemscloud*" as an exception,but I got a connection timeout.I connect to outsystemscloud via my company's LAN.

Hi Mikiho,

Not sure what you try to do with the exception, but if you get a timeout it looks like your environment can not be reached. If you have an outsystemscloud environment it is in the cloud and you need an internet connection. 

To test if your company's LAN is blocking you you could setup a hotspot on your phone and connect your pc to it and then try?



Thank you for your quick reply.I'll try what you tought me.