[Video Plugin] "Video Plugin" capture is not working on OutSystems Now mobile app on iPhone X

Forge Component
Published on 2018-01-25 by Formiga
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Published on 2018-01-25 by Formiga

I am developing a mobile app that will require video capturing capabilities. I looked at the Forge and found this plugin that is conveniently called "Video Plugin". I opened the module in e-space (as there was no 'Install' option) and I copied the 2 client actions 'CheckVideoPlugin' and 'CaptureVideo' and 'CommonPlugin' to my module.

The plugin should be very easy to use. I just drop the 'CaptureVideo' client action in my flow and a the mobile app should start capturing video (or at least this is how I think it should work).

But when my flow start executing the 'CaptureVideo' action it throws an error that the Plugin is not available!!

Have I missed something here? Do I need to copy something else to get the plugin to work as expected? Do you know if there are other plugins available that I can use to capture videos?

Have in mind that on Outsystems Now app only its native plugins will work.

If you wanna test any other plugin, you need to generate your app and install it on the devide.