CAC Login Authentication


I am new to the system and wanted to know if OutSystems has come across integrating login authentication using Common Access Cards (CAC) in any of their implementations and if so any assistance would be helpful.



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Hello Kumar Pappu,

what is the use case? Could you please elaborate? 

Are you looking to authenticate your outsystems web/mobile app using Common Access Card?



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I have a similar question.  For all our applications for the AF on the DOD network (at the moment) we have to authenticate our users using CAC, then we have enabled single-sign-on in our apps to log them in.  If we move to AWS cloud (gov cloud) that authentication would take place outside of our environment through a link via AWS to the DOD network to authenticate the CACs.  Then we would use some form of Cognito with identity pools, most likely.  

What if any support does OutSystems provide for working with CAC? And or with Cognito in AWS? 

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I should mention that in AWS Gov Cloud the DOD CAC authentication is handled with SAML 2.0.  We are not connected to use that yet, so I don't have a lot of visibility to know how that works.  But the SAML auth takes place outside of your app through AWS, then you can use Cognito/Identity Pools to manage your users.  

Just wondering if OutSystems or any of the users here have any experience with using CAC, SAML, AWS Gov Cloud with OutSystems?  Any thoughts, experience would be greatly appreciated!  

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Found some great resources on OutSystems sites to help answer some of these questions.  

There is a great course on Authentication by OutSystems that answers some of these questions. https://www.outsystems.com/training/courses/120/authentication/

One of the exercises in this class goes over setting up SAML 2.0 authentication with an OutSystem application.  https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/11/Developing_an_Application/Secure_the_Application/End_User_Management/End_Users_Authentication/Configure_Okta_Authentication?_gl=1%2Aoizb35%2A_ga%2AMTY4NDc0ODQzMy4xNjA1MDIxNzIw%2A_ga_ZD4DTMHWR2%2AMTYxMTk0MjU5MS45MC4xLjE2MTE5NDUwNDYuNTk.