os11 UI - table record with edit button open modal with form


Question about the OS11 UI modal and how to use it.

We have a table record to dispaly some records.

On each line there is a edit button that should open a edit screen.

Normaly whe did this with a popup but now I'm trying to do this with the modal.

On the bottom of the screen I have 1 modal with a webblock that contains a form.

To the webblock the ID is passed by a local var.

When pressing the edit button I set the value of the local var with the ID of the current row.

Then I refresh the webblock in the modal and then togle the modal to show it.

Is this the correct way of doing this?

Hello Freek,

Yes, this seems the correct way to use a modal in the context you explained.


Only then I have a problem, the form in the webblock in the modal is not beeing updated see the screenshots:



You're using a FORM.

Forms copy the information from the SOURCE to its own RECORD ONLY on page LOAD.
So you have to add an Assign node after the aggregate, in the preparation of the web block, and explicitly assign the current of the aggregate to the SOurce of the form. 



Why didn't I search for this 2 hours ago?  :)

Thank you!