edit record data in pop up editor


I want to ask, how to passing the data to the pop up editor. I want edit the data but in the pop up.
thanks in advance :)

Hi Ami,

You need to have InputParameter id of that record in popup page and populate that record information  using Id in this way you can update the record.



Hi Ami ,

Pass the identifier  of the record you wanted to edit in the popup and then on preparation of popup page get the value of the record by aggregate or advance query , bind those value to the Edit record or control and than let user update those value and Save it.

Please let me know if you want more clarification on this.



I will try to explain you the solution with below example.

1) Let's say, we have list page containing orders info. PopUp editor is placed on last column to edit the record.

2) Pop up editor should have below properties. Link/Button Id should be specified. This will be Name of button/link that will open the popup. Another important property is to specify the Destination action once pop up will notify the parent page. In this example, OnNotify action will be called which will reload the parent page.


3) Link/Button should have below properties. The method should be "navigate" for popup to work. Destination will be the popup page that will be opened.

4) Popup page action will look like below. It will notify parent page and will close the popup editor. This page will update the record and notify the parent.

Hope this will help you. :)