Currently, I am learning how to build a web-based application. I have been following the tutorial till Input Validation Exercise. When I tried to debug the application, it was running fine, but there was nothing shown in the debug area. I did navigate through all the tabs in the debug area and only a blank screen is shown.

Please refer to my screenshot.  

Hi Sovanreach,

The debug area is only populated when you set a breakpoint, and the breakpoint is hit. While the programming is running normally, nothing is shown. Note that this behaviour is not specific for OutSystems: that's how all debuggers work.

Hi Kilian, 

Thanks for a quick response. I already added a breakpoint and there was still nothing shown in the debugger area. 


Hi Sovanreach,

Did the breakpoint hit? By which I mean that Service Studio gets focus and shows a blue arrow at your breakpoint:

If so, the Locals tab should be filled at the very least, assuming you have some Local Variables:

The In Use tab shows values that are current given the current Statement. If there's nothing there (like in the above example the tab is blank, otherwise you're seeing the Variables that pertain to the current Statement (or the previous one, depending on context):

The Widgets tab shows all Widgets on the current Screen (obviously, this tab is only available when you're debugging a Screen Action):

The Sessions tab shows all Session Variables. Since there are a number of System Session Variables, it's always filled:

The same goes for the Site tab, which shows the Site Properties of the Module:

(The last two are System ones.) The last one, Watches, shows the Variables you explicitly added to the Watches list:

(You can add them by right-clicking a Variable, then select "Add to Debug Watches".)

Also note the Debug icons are coloured when you are in debug mode:

If not, most of them are grey:


Thank you, Kilian. I just solved the problem with your help. 

Glad I could be of help Sovanreach. Being able to debug is paramount for developing bugfree code :).