Right way to make the identities


I almost done with the first part of the web development course and Im thinking about a first project. 

A few years ago I made a web site which shows paintings from the  rijksmuseum api which returns json.

Is it the right way to make a project core that handles the api calls and the filtering of the data I want to display and a project that takes that info and handles only the displaying so just like the movie database challenge do on the course. or is there a better way ? 


So yes that is definitely one way you can do that. Separate the function into a Core module and the interface into a UI Module.

Another way If you look at the OutSystems recommended 4 Layer Canvas, you'll see that the API integration would most likely then fit on the Library Layer. If you created the API integration as its own separate module/app, you would be able to reuse it more easily across future applications you would create with different logic. 

Hope that helps



So the calls to the api in the library layer. 

The filtering into the core layer 

and the displaying into the end user layer. 

I do not see what then must be in the 4 layer. 

I want to have a homepage with some pagination and when a user clicks on a panting then a detail page must be placed which some more calls to the api I think . 

The orchestration layer does not come up as much. That would be more if you had a suite of apps that all did different functions around the same business and wanted to show a dashboard with data from all of them. So looks like you got it!