Mobile - Animate widget vs container property

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if there is a certain convention to follow when setting animations on widgets.

For example, I want a container to fade in when a variable is set to true, however,  the container itself has an animate property which I can set to 'Yes' or 'No'.

If I want to put the container in an animate widget, do I need to set the animate property of the container to 'No' to prevent weird side effects? Or should I set it to 'Yes'? I thought setting it to No would make sense, since the animation portion would be taken care of by the widget.


Hi Ala,

When you use the animate widget, you can choice animate type, delay and speed. And the animation is executed as the screen is rendered.

If you pick yes animate in container, you need to have a condition in "visible", and the animation run always when the condition is true.

In my opinion, I like to use them, but we need to take care to not overdo their use. Because a lot of animation may not cause a good User Experience.

Hope it helps, but you can wait for more opinions :)