Reflect change in database confugration


I used, external database in my application. I developed with staging database. Now I change the database details from service center -> administration -> database. Database name used is same just changing the other details to connect with live database.

But still my application is connecting to staging database. Do I need to make any other changes after changing connection details.  Or do I need to publish application again from serviceCenter -> application details page.

Will below "Publish" button will work to make the changes in db effective.

Please help to find exact steps to make the changes in database effective.


Hello there Vikas,

I'm not sure If I understood correctly but you are trying to use an external database right? So that means that at first, you have added It to Administration > Database connections right? If so, you have to create a .xif to import tables from that Database connection to OutSystems model and start using those. 

If you have created a new catalog (same physical database where Outsystems Main catalog is at) by adding It on Administration > Database catalog you need to go through your modules > Operation tab and change It to the new catalog and then publish your module. With this, your tables will be created (without data) in your new catalog. 

Hope this helps somehow.