[Extended DateTime] [Team joining request] Epoch/Unix Timestamp and other utility actions

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Published on 2019-08-08 by Caio Santana Magalhães
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Published on 2019-08-08 by Caio Santana Magalhães


In a recent project, I needed to create custom actions to do some operations directly with the native .NET DateTime class that aren't available in OutSystems.

I figured that instead of uploading my own date time utility extension to forge, it would be better to improve upon an existing component. Also, this is currently the most popular and most complete date time extension.

Please accept me into the team so I can upload a new version containing 11 new actions described below:

  • Epoch/Unix Timestamp
    • Get seconds since Epoch
    • Get milliseconds since Epoch
    • Convert to/from DateTime
    • Useful for measuring intervals with millisecond precision and for APIs that use Unix Timestamps
  • DateTime to ISO 8601
    • Useful for APIs that use non-standard DateTime parameters
  • DateMax/DateMin
    • Exactly like Max()/Min(), but with DateTime inputs
  • SecondsToTime
    • Converts seconds to a Time value, e.g. 22 into #00\:00\:22#
  • Current UTC time

Also some other important changes that I made:

  • Deleted the now deprecated AddMonths and AddYears actions since they both now return NullDate (1900-01-01)
    • Since the deprecated actions now return a different value than before, unexpected errors may occur on current implementations that use these two actions after upgrading. It's safer to remove them and force developers to refactor and use the built-in function instead!
  • Deleted the StartOfWeekByDate action since it was completely blank
  • Set Function = Yes to all actions
  • Created an Extended DateTime Application
    • Now it has its own icon and description and does not get ditched into Independent Modules


Welcome to the Extended DateTime Team!


Thanks. Version 10.0.2 uploaded!