Stripe Payment on Mobile

Hi All,

Has anybody done any work with Stripe Payment API for mobile rather than web? I am trying to implement it into my mobile application but I am struggling with where to begin and the best practices, as most documentation on using javascript in outsystems seems quite limited and does not hit all the points i need. 

Any help on this subject or your own experiences with using JavaScript to use an API would be helpful.

Many Thanks 

Daniel Sunner

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Hi Daniel,

Unless for some reason you really need the mobile app to function when it has access to the Stripe server, but not to the OutSystems server, why do you want to use the API from JavaScript? Why would you need that?

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Apologies have sorted this now I had myself all mixed up. 

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Hi  Daniel Sunner and assif_tiger,

I am facing the same kin of issue.

Please find the details below:


I am working on an native mobile application which includes Stripe Integration as a payment gateway. I am not able to return back from the hosted Stripe page to my native application using deep link. 

Please refer the screenshot for code used:

I have used Stripe API to create a session and using Javascript to redirect to the hosted payment gateway. 

I have a parameter called successUrl to which a user is redirected when payment is successful in hosted page. I dont have the URL for this hosted page which refrains me to use InAppBrowser as it cannot be triggered using javascript.  

Please find the parameters used in creating the sessions including the successURL and cancelURL. 

I am not able to return to the native application from the hosted page. I am not sure if the deeplink we have is working. Can any developer from the team guide on this?

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Hi Daniel Sunner,

You can also use the below Forge Component that provide Actions to Implement the Same: 





Hope it helps you :)