Hi Guys,

A client wants to play VR Videos with playback controls and UI interaction (various action buttons). I'm looking at using Unity3D to render the VR Video, launching it from inside an Outsystems web screen.

Any other suggestions would be welcome.

I will be updating this thread as I progress in my research/implementation.

Thanks guys!


Hi the only way to do this I think is with the JavaScript client for unity. I have only experience using c# with Unity(not with OutSystems) so interesting to know if you succeed.


Hi all,

An update for this: probably the way would be stand-alone applications. A separate OutSystems web app for registration needs, and a separate Unity3D app with network capability to log in to and retrieve data from the said web app.



Hi Joseph John,

You can maybe build a Web GL Unity project and then embed it in an OutSystems web screen?

I would love to know how do we enable this use case.