CNAME Versus Outsystems Application

Dear all,

for our new application within Outsystems we've registered a new domain called (example):
On this domain we've a subdomain called:

By using a cname-record and ssl-certificate we're pointing this to our: which fails obviously, because you cannot use a subfolder within a cname-record.
It it possible to send visitors to when coming from, instead of going to (which is pointing to obviously) ??

Hi Jeroen,

It's possible, please refer to the following documentation.

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Did you try to configure that in the IIS config from your Outsystems server?

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You need to set:

1) Your domain nameserver CNAME to point to the aws where your server is (I guess it is already done or it wouldn't go to Service Center)

2) Your LifeTime to include that domain.

3) the SEO Friendly URLs section of Service Center Administration. It lets you map a domain into a particular eSpace.


I have had a lot of experience with this. First of all, set the CNAME record to be as follows:


Then in Service Center for the referenced environment (likely production given the subdomain), navigate to Administration -> SEO URLs -> Site Rules. From here you can set the site based on URL. In this case, your setting would probably look like this:

  • Base URL:
  • Root Application: application1 (or whatever the module is called)

Give the DNS changes up to 48 hours before expecting the resolution to work anywhere in the world and you will be golden! 


On another note, there is one unique little thing with OutSystems and how it plays with DNS. That is the root-level DNS record for a domain is typically required to be an A-Record which can only be an IP address. So the problem here is that you can expect the IP addresses of your AWS load balancers/servers to change intermittently. That is why OutSystems provides the Dynamic DNS addresses of (company)-(environment) to begin with.

A solid workaround we discovered is just to not expect to be able to use the root domain to access apps on OutSystems. Most DNS providers these days will allow you set a domain forward for the root domain, so usually it is a suitable solution to redirect requests to to or something like that. The only pitfall with this mechanism is that if someone accidentally requests the root domain over SSL, then the forward will not work (the DNS provider probably won't/shouldn't have access to your certs for their redirect server). You could also spin up a redirect server of your own and install a cert on it as you please! It could be a really cheap one.

Hope this helps!