I'm trying to animate a popup widget on a mobile app and I'm having trouble.
There is no animate option on a popup window, just a Visible property which I'm currently controlling with a variable.

I've tried to target the "popup-dialog" class and use javascript to apply a CSS class that does vertical transformations on the window, BUT, my main issue now is that my popup has a block in it, which is also another Pop-up.

So the problem now is that when I target the popup-dialog class, it targets both pop-ups, which I don't want. Also, at the moment, the popup appears in a really choppy and unpleasant way.

Has anyone found a good solution to a problem like this? Any advice appreciated.


Hi Ala,

Give a new class name to the pop-up that you want to change with the css,

Add the class with all the properties in the css of the screen, add the new class to the pop-up so that the changes are reflected in the pop-up.


I am not using a popup within a popup. But I wanted to slide in the popup (full screen in my case) from right to left. I used already defined CSS classes 'animate fast right-to-left' in addition to the 'popup-dialog' class on the popup.

Please see the attached image.