OS11 - invalid date prompt Controls\DatePicker


Where using the Controls\DatePicker when the date is not set it shows invalid date see sceenshot.

Can this be changed?

Hi freek,

I've done some tests in O11, and I was only able to reproduce this, when the text variable that is used in that input, has a value that isn't a date, such as "abc" for example, those are the only times I am able to get the "Invalid date" text inside the input. So you're probably using a variable that already has a value assigned to it.

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I think this issue might be something else. In your example, Service Studio is accepting date values, in this format "YYYY-MM-DD", however the dates being returned for example in the birthday record have either this format "DD-MM-YYYY" or "MM-DD-YYYY".

I think the configurations of the environment you are using, have been changed to use dates in another format (either "DD-MM-YYYY" or "MM-DD-YYYY", not sure which one), but then all the components in your environment haven't been updated to use dates in that format. This is what I think might be the issue, but this is not my area of expertise, so I can't help you much.

Anyone else a idea?

This is an issue that is already present since quite some time I think.
Was your date format in service center in a different format before?

If so, the browser still thinks your old format is the valid one (for the elements that already existed), instead of the new one. You can clear your browser cache and it will solve the issue.

Or try to re-add the textbox and calendar picker.