Rollback on production to previous version

In the production environment we recently discovered an error. We push to production every two weeks, and did so this monday. The error was not present in the version before, so we wanted to push that version to production. However, this doesn't seem possible with only a few clicks.

The procedure seems to be the following:

- On development: Figure out which version of each single module was deployed in the last push to production (Maybe we can do this on test aswell, to make it less hard)

- Repusblish these modules.

- Tag the 'new' version

- Push this new version to test and then to production

However, we have 3 applications each with about 10 modules. So this seems like a really long process for something as simple as going back to the previous tagged version.

Is there a way to go back to a previous tagged version more easily?


Hi Rob,

No, you don't need to the steps that you're describing.

You rollback to your previous version (tagged), meaning to your previous pushed version.

Check the first part of this article:

Good luck,



Thanks, that hidden option (select a previous version) saves me a lot of work!