Strange discrapancy between Forge in Service Studio and the Forge Website

I installed the component OutGource, through the Forge In Service Studio (so NOT the Forge website)

After I ran into problems, I found out it installed not the latest version of the component.

When I check again in Service Studio Forge this is the component page:

Important to notice that latest stable version is 2.0.8 but that the details are about What's new (1.0.8) and platform is

Then when I lookup the same component in the Forge Website I get different results!

Still latest version is 2.0.8 (that is ok), but not the details mention What's new 2.0.8 and the platform is

The environment in which it was installed is version 10, so I think there is something wrong in the Service Studio Forge, that it does not load the appropriate version of the component.




HI Daniel

just to close the loop with you, we are showing into service studio the latest stable version compatible with your environment version. We won't promote under development or discontinued versions, but you can download it and install if you want.

We've changed the messages, hoping to make it more clear.