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Quick question. Has anyone deployed the OutSystems platform as a multi-tenant solution?  An example customer would be a large global conglomerate with 15 different subsidiaries who each want their own OutSystems environment, yet want to share some of the core HR-related data.

Another related question for those system integrator's and MSP's of the world who use OutSystems (e.g. CGI and Cognizant just to name two) are these companies using a single instance of the OutSystems platform and hosting multiple companies on that single instance?  If yes, what type of license is involved in that type of scenario.

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Hi Jason,

As per my understanding for multitenant application you need single licence but need to create application/espace multitenant and if customer want to share some information then you need to explicitly set multitenant no for that resources (examples entities)



Hi Jason,

Multi-Tenancy is supported by OutSystems, within the same environment. This means you deploy your applications in production and depending on the tenant used to access them the users will see different (siloed per tenant) information. All data is stored in the same database, but each tenant's data is isolated from the the other tenants automatically by the platform.

In your scenario, the common core HR-related applications (and data) would be deployed to the same environment, with a tenant for each of the 15 subsidiaries.

Hi Jorge,

Thanks again for your response, much appreciated.

Just a follow-up question on licensing.  Do you know of a circumstance where an OutSystem partner/system integrator (SI), or MSP has setup an OutSystems platform instance and then used it as a multi-tenant environment for several independent customers?  This is similar to how many of the global IT Service Management Help Desks operate today.

The reason for that follow-up question comes down to license costs and approach. For each new customer, sizing an app (or suite of applications) is not an issue.  The question I have is, for each of these tenants, what is the OutSystems licensing model?  Does the MSP/SI who hosts the single, multi-tenant instance just continue to purchase additional AO's for each of these new customers?




I cannot really speak for OutSystems on this but, given the clear focus you are showing, I'm pretty sure a quick call with them could prove quite informative, clearing all these questions for you.

What I can tell you is that I see three reasonably obvious licensing model features that you will want to think about:

  • Application Objects (AOs);
  • Named Active Users (NAUs) and;
  • Number of Front-Ends (FEs).

As far as I know, all these are negotiable, from small factories with very restrictive values to larger and/or product-oriented factories with unlimited values on some of the features (it's all a matter of how much you are willing to pay, right?)

For a Multi-Tenant application the number of AOs does not change (it's a single instance of the application/suite of applications), no matter how many tenants you have.

On the other hand, as your customer base grows, the number of NAUs will grow, and as the number of requests increases you may need to scale your environment to have more FEs handling requests.

Hi Jason,

You can visit this link to understand application object distribution in platform. Also i think they have different licensing mode to support different size of customers.



Hi all,

Let me try to reply this in a simpler manner. OutSystems currently does not have a structured MSP offer in place. If you read our standard Master Subscription Agreement, available here, you'll find clause 3.3 that strictly forbids the MSP business model.

OutSystems strategy, as it stands today, is to promote end customers utilization of our product and, for that reason, we are not really promoting MSP and ISV deals.

However we, at Product Management, are always interested in discussing new ways of distributing our product and discussing new business models that help our partners grow their business. 

Please feel free to DM me directly if you want to book a 30 minute call on the topic. I'll be more than happy to discuss the subject with you.