Using hotspots in an image - a Christmas Calendar app as an example

This question as such is not perhaps very serious in nature, but indeed the needed technology would help doing real business applications as well. Imagine that clicking an specific area on an image would start a new functionality.

I was wondering if it is possible to create a fancy Christmas Calendar app using Outsystems?

Technology wise, it would mean, that an app would have a clickable hotspots in an image, which would start an action showing the content in that little hatch area. And app should control which hotspots are clickable and which are not depending current date.

Although this app would be more in amusement side, but such technology could be useful in some business apps as well. And any way a nice indicator what you can do with Outsystems.

If a Christmas Calendar app exist already, could it be made commonly available? If developing such app is possible in Outsystems, I could try doing one for next year. Now it is too late. 

Merry Christmas anyway to all developers.

Good Luck!!