How to use Ref Cursor output parameter in OutSystems Extension Method

I have created an Extension to Call different DB procedure from an external oracle database. There are some procedures which return (Output parameter) Ref Cursor type.

I created output type as record list but in .Net code, i could not find any mapping data type for Oracle Ref Cursor.

Can any one provide any suggestion or sample code for it.

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These components are old, but they might provide you an example how to call oracle procedures and assign them to a record list or the solution you need.



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Hi nelson,

I checked above links, P9 is new version of other one. Thus, both are same components.

I opened P9, its kind of extension which has two methods; one to call DB procedure and other for DB Function.

For DB procedure, it is giving parameter for Ref Cursor out put but as "Object" type. 

I am concerned that how that Object will be converted to a list of a specific Structure in OS server action. As I have closed timeline, so I might not be in position to do a POC with no output. I will try it later but if you have any idea about conversion in OS from object to List or any other resolution for subjected query, kindly let me know

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It seems now still no solution to deal with the RefCursor datatype, right ?