How to use Ref Cursor output parameter in OutSystems Extension Method

I have created an Extension to Call different DB procedure from an external oracle database. There are some procedures which return (Output parameter) Ref Cursor type.

I created output type as record list but in .Net code, i could not find any mapping data type for Oracle Ref Cursor.

Can any one provide any suggestion or sample code for it.


These components are old, but they might provide you an example how to call oracle procedures and assign them to a record list or the solution you need.



Hi nelson,

I checked above links, P9 is new version of other one. Thus, both are same components.

I opened P9, its kind of extension which has two methods; one to call DB procedure and other for DB Function.

For DB procedure, it is giving parameter for Ref Cursor out put but as "Object" type. 

I am concerned that how that Object will be converted to a list of a specific Structure in OS server action. As I have closed timeline, so I might not be in position to do a POC with no output. I will try it later but if you have any idea about conversion in OS from object to List or any other resolution for subjected query, kindly let me know

It seems now still no solution to deal with the RefCursor datatype, right ?

If you want to use "Advance SQL" for cursor with procedure then follow below link. After so many struggle, finally found the solution. 

Oracle Cursor in Advance SQL

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