Unable to open Outsytems Service Studio

Hi All,

Currently am using Outsystems 

Development Environment Version : 10.0.825.0 

platform Version :

LifeTime Version :

because of this am unable to login in Service Studio,

So please help me on this how to downward the Platform Verison.

Hi ,

i don't want to upgrade to 11, i need all version as 10.


Your PE was upgraded to version 11. Therefore you need to have Service Studio also in version 11. You can get it here Service Studio 11 release 6 

The latest version is always here.

Hi Mikandan,

You can have both version 10 and version 11 Service Studio (and Integration Studio) on your PC. However, your Personal Environment was irreversibly upgraded to version 11, you cannot downgrade. So if you need to contact your PE, install the latest Develoment Environment (as Nuno already suggested).