[View4Entity]  Get_IsSQLServer Action

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Published on 2016-05-11 by - -

I've found that the Get_IsSqlServer action in the View4EntityDataLayer eSpace is not working as intended. The advanced SQL in this action fails with the currently executed SQL. You receive an error message "Could not find stored procedure 'SELECT @@version'" from this.

If you change this advanced SQL to:

  • Set "Expand Inline" to Yes on the SQL parameter.
  • Remove the "EXEC " text in the SQL so the statement just reads "@SQL".
  • Keep the SQL parameter value as "SELECT @@version".

Then this will work. I wanted to share this in case anyone else has this issue. What saves us is the "else" branch in the DetermineDBMSType action which falls back to SQL server. So this isn't a real problem until this action changes.

Hello Brian!

Thank you for the update. There's a completely revamped version of V4E that I'll be sharing soon, so I won't be fixing this one, based on yuor feedback that this is not a real problem. Agree?

Hi Pedro,

It is a problem in the sense that the action is not working as intended, which could cause other issues down the road if it is used somewhere else, there is no fallback to SQL server, etc. My opinion is that it should be addressed for that reason but it's not an urgent matter by any means. Thank you for this component!