[Excel Report] Excel Report does not support Japanese Language?

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Published on 2019-12-17 by Miguel Meireles
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Published on 2019-12-17 by Miguel Meireles

Hello, I am new to OutSystems. I want to use this Excel Report Extension but Japanese Language output grabled characters. Below is my setting in Outsystems and the result of excel.

Excel Report does not support Japanese Language?

Hello Keiya

I made some changes at the encoding level. I uploaded a new version, but it is already in version 11 of outsystems, I do not know if you will have a problem with this, but if so, I can try to generate a version for 10

New version

Hello Miguel,

I am using OutSystems11.

And thank you for updating quickly!

The problem was solved.

Hello Miguel,

I faced the same problem.

And I am using OutSystems 10.0.823.0.

Could you please try to fix it? 

Thank you very much.

Hello Kiriya

I put a new version for 10, I do not know if it will work because I can not test


Hello Miguel,

I tested it, and it works fine to show Japanese.

But I faced another problem. I am not sure it is relative to this problem since I can reproduce it without Japanese characters. So I posted it as a new thread with the name of 'Some data are not filled in expected cells'.

Thank you for your quick and kind bug fix!