I have input boxes inside a table grid.

Linked the following functionalities on the input text box:

a. Autocomplete widget. 

b. Tab out on reaching specified MaxLength.

c. Show the entered value's description in the Tool-tip widget on 'mouseover' event.


Assuming the MaxLength of the input text boxes is set to 5. User keys in the characters and autocomplete drop-down is populated with relevant matching values. The number of characters entered equals the Max length of text box, the focus is now shifted from the current text box to the next one. 


Once the auto tab out is triggered, the On Change event is not getting triggered to fetch the description and display the same in the Tool-tip. 

I have tried a couple of things in the jQuery script embedded within the screen to perform the following:

a. Option 1

On 'Keyup' in the input box check for MaxLength, if greater than 5 then find the next sibling of current input text box and focus 


Problem with this approach is, it does not trigger the On Change of the text box, hence the Tool tip is empty.

b. Option 2

On 'Keyup' check the MaxLength, invoke the 'OnClick' of a Button (display:none) and set focus by auto tab to the next text box by searching for its 'id'


Thing is now the focus shift is always on the new record in the table grid, even though the first / second (any) and not the immediate sibling of the modified text box.

I am aware that this behavior is more like from jQuery but since the Autocomplete widget captures the OnChange event of input text box we are facing this hurdle (https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/36780/on-change-not-triggered-when-input-cleared/).

Any thoughts on how to resolve this issue?