For a Web App, How to put certain elements in side menu while viewing from Mobile


I am developing a web application. Refer to the following screenshot:

This is the header of my application. Widget structure for the same is as below:

The DropDown seen in the header is from Common\LoginInfo.

While viewing this application through mobile browser, it appears as below:

I want the drop-down to go into the side menu for Mobile Browser viewing but I am unable to figure out how to do so. I tried using MoveOnDevices but failed to achieve the required result. Does anyone have a workaround for the same?


Rushabh Shah


Hi Rushabh,

Since we are talking about Common\LoginInfo webblock, the best approach here would be to have an "if IsPhone()" with the LoginInfo web block inside the true branch and an "If not IsPhone()" wrapping the existing LoginInfo in the Header webblock so it is only displayed when you are not in mobile. 

This approach will avoid repeating the code page to page as I'd guess you'd want the same behaviour in every page.  



Hi Gabriel,

I got a work around using your idea and it worked with a few tweaks. Thank you for your time.

Best Regards,

Rushabh Shah