[BuildInfo Plugin] BuildInfoPlugin is unavailable

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Published on 2017-12-14 by Matthias Preuter
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Published on 2017-12-14 by Matthias Preuter

Hi there!

It said, "BuildInfoPlugin is unavailable" on Android device debugger.

So, What should I do?

I checked the inside of this module, but I got no idea to solve it.

Hello Yatima,

How are you debugging it? Did you installed the app in the device? Did you installed a new package after adding this plugin? 


Thanks for your replying.

I use Outsystems Now app in the real device that is connected to PC by USB.

Excuse me, what does "package" mean?

Hello Yatma.

A package is an application installer that you can install in your device or upload to a store.

OutSystems NOW comes with a few plugins, and you can't test any other plugin that is not in their list: https://now.outsystems.com/OutSystemsNowDocs/OutSystemsNowFeatures.aspx

If you add a plugin that is not in their list (and I think this is one of those), you have to create a package (native tab of the application page in Service Studio) and install it in your device in order to test it.

You can learn more about it in the Online Training: https://www.outsystems.com/learn/lesson/801/plugins/


Thanks for your replying.

I think this BuildInfo Plugin do it for us.

Extensibility Configurations in it is filled already.