What controls the name of a mobile application in Apple/Android devices?

It appears that the module name is what shows on the devices. Is there another way to control/change the name as it shows on the device but keep the current Module name in the development environment?

For Example:
Module Name=ACME_Orders

Is there a setting that will display the app on the device as "Orders" ?
Trying to avoid changing the module name in Development Environment to "Orders".

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance.

Jeff W.


Hi Jeff,

I don't think you need to change the module name, you have to change the application name.

Important to know is that this will generate a new application package. To get the app with the new name the users who already did have the old version of the app need to install the updated application package on their mobile or tablet.

For more information you can read:







Thanks very much for your reply and information.

I was hoping to not have to change the Application Name. However, since our app is not quite in Production, I went ahead and made that change now.

Thanks again.

Jeff W.