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Published on 4 Feb by Eduardo Benites
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Published on 4 Feb by Eduardo Benites

Did you see MomentMobile module? The initial version of this module contains:

  • Add / Substract datetime by unit (year, month, week, day...)
  • Calendar, Localized pretty format
  • Diff, Difference between two datetimes by unit
  • StartOf / EndOf, Start / End of period by unit
  • Weekday_Number, gets daynumber within week according to locale
  • WeekDay_Date, gets date, relative to datetime and daynumber

It is based on MomentJS a MultiLanguage DateTime JavaScript library.

Maybe we could join forces?

Kind regards,

Matthias Preuter

Matthias Preuter escreveu:

Você viu o módulo MomentMobile ? A versão inicial deste módulo contém:

  • Adicionar / Subtrair datetime por unidade (ano, mês, semana, dia ...)
  • Calendário, formato bonito localizado
  • Diferença, diferença entre dois dados por unidade
  • StartOf / EndOf, Start / End of period por unidade
  • Weekday_Number, obtém o número do dia dentro de uma semana, de acordo com a localidade
  • WeekDay_Date, obtém data, relativo a datetime e daynumber

É baseado no MomentJS uma biblioteca JavaScript MultiLanguage DateTime.

Talvez pudéssemos juntar forças?


Matthias Preuter

H Matthias,

Would be greate!

Me too i create a component Select Date, to select date in mobile by a popup e este componente "Last Day of Month" is utilized.


Eduardo Benites