How to create a login page using your own database ?

Hi guys,

I would like to know how can I create a login page which fetches the username and password from the app database. 



Hi Ivandro,

Can you explain us better your use case? because normally on login pages the user is the one that needs to provide user and password and those will be check against what you have on the database.



HELLO, I have the same problem. I want to create a database for this one which will fetch the user name and password from the user


Ivandro, you mean save user and password locally and send it to the site when asked to login?

The number 1 rule of safety is "never store passwords".

The safest approach is to have a user token saved in device and login page checks for a token locally.

  • If found and matches the server token for a user, logs the user without using password.
  • If not found, sends to login page.

Those tokens can have an expiration date and be disabled from a different device to increase security.

Hi Nuno

I'm doing this token validation from an external system. I check the token and get the UserId. Then I use the system > login action.

It works, there is a permission role check and I can load the page. But when the user navigates to any other screen, it redircts to the login page as if nothing was authorized. Am I missing something after the Login action?

Thank you in advance

Regards, Carolina

Hi Nuno, just found that the issue is on the iframe because when I open the URL only, it works fine.

I will investigate this other error.

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