Radio button icon not showing as selected when clicked.

I have 2 radio buttons assigned to the same variable and either both or one of them (always the second one) don't show as selected when you click on them.  In other words the circle icon shows as empty rather than a black dot in the middle as usually seen when a radio button is selected.  All other behaviour is as expected, it's just the icons not showing as selected, although sometimes the first one works.  Does anyone know what might be causing this?


Hi Sienna,

Do you have any ajax refresh that reset the initial value?

If you share implementation, the community can help you more.



Ah thank you, I didn't realise I had to do a refresh on the buttons themselves as I had presumed that behaviour was inbuilt to a radio button given that is its main characteristic.

Hi Sienna

Note that usually when clicking a radio button, the item is selected, no need to refresh those widgets.

Try to debug and see what is happening, maybe in the logic you have something that can reset that widget state to original.

For example, preparation can be running twice, an action is run and ajax refresh is reseting state to initial...