Clone User Modules - DecryptSetting Method Not Found

Hi every one,

I am working on an application for which user will be authenticated from external oracle database. I have been recommended to clone existing user module and modify it to use my own database.

But as soon as i cloned it. It gives error for 2 methods Decrypt/Encrypt settings. I could not find any missing reference. Can anyone let me know how this issue would be resolved.

Also I found that this module is further consuming system modules functions / entities (users etc) which cannot be cloned / opened. So How i will create an active / authentic session, if user is validated from my custom database.


Hi Bilal,

AS the comments said you will need to implement those decrypt and encrpyt by yourself. You can use this component for that. About the rest of the system functions you will need to check if you can keep using those or you will need to create some by yourself.




Hi Bilal. Why exactly would you need to clone Users module? Have you thought about customizing the authentication logic by, first calling your external system, and then creating a record on Users table when you get a positive authentication from your external Database?