[Cloudinary] Multiple File Upload

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Published on 2017-05-01 by Justin James
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Published on 2017-05-01 by Justin James


I am currently using outsystems 11 and i was wondering if there was a way to upload multiple files to the cloudinary database. I have the extended properties set to multiple but it still only pushes one file to the database. Do i have to loop through them and upload them all separate. 

Thanks for any help!


Hi Bryan,

You can not just set the multiple attribute in the extended properties and assume that the standard OutSystems upload widget can now handle multiple files. Yes you can select them, but the widget is build to expect and process only one file. This is also true for the Cloudinary Upload server action, it also expects one file at the time.

There are several custom widgets available in the forge to help you with uploading multiple files, in general they return a list of files that you can than iterate and upload them one by one using Cloudinary using the Cloudinary Upload Server action.



Hi Daniel,

I tried using a widget from forge but I am running into an issue with the upload of the files, It seems to be hanging when it does more than one at a time. I am wondering if its because I am using OS11 and the widget is not built for that or if there is something else going one. I posted about it here as well 


Let me know if you have any ideas