Publish running version solution vs deploy new version through Lifetime module sort

Hi guys,

I'm curious by one thing:

When we deploy through LifeTime (and maybe a solution with new module versions), between environments, the modules are being compiled, refreshed, etc, with an alphabetic order.

Yet, when we start a running version solution, the modules are being compiled, refreshed, etc, with a "random" order. Maybe it's not that random, and has a purpose, but what I would like to know is why is this difference. Does anyone know?

Thank you!


Hi Nelson,

Probably by less espaces references. acessing the Table [ossys_Espace_Reference]. 

Best Regards
Pedro Vila Nova

Probably some query on the publish running version that is missing a order by. Do a submit feedback for it if it annoys you.

I still remember when all solution publish orders were random. Pretty sure I ordered some of them some years ago :)


João Rosado

Hey Pedro,

I was comparing a full solution with a full deployment to another environment, that is, both have the same modules, which means, the same references.


thank you for your input. If it's just a matter of sorting the query, then I will submit a feedback for sure.

Thanks again,