Merry Christmas OS Forum,

I'm looking to integrate a Mobiscroll calendar to give more functionality over the Silk UI supplied one.

My question is, do I need to buy the source code or the javascript framework to integrate the Mobiscroll calendar?

I see that the Silk UI calendar actually has the whole source code for the calendar but I'm sure I've seen JS referenced as well. 

To be honest, I don't know what Mobiscroll mean when they offer to sell the javascript framework. I'm going to try to integrate their free 'lite' components to see what I can figure out. 

Thanks in advance,



Hi Ruvan,

As you already see for yourself, the company provides a Lite version of there framework for free.

But if you check there feature list of the lite version you will notice that the components that you are interested in are not part of the lite version, so if you really think you need this library you have to buy it. I would suggest to then download the trail, try to build an OutSystems widget around the mobiscroll widget, and when you happy with the result decide to buy a license. 

Notice that the OutSystems UI implementation of the calendar is based on the pickaday javascript component and you can fully customize the calendar to your needs using the AdvancedFormat property of the widget in service studio. The documentation for it can be found at, but I am not sure if you find what you need.

Then there is the third option you have is by cloning the OutSystems UI calendar widget and try to implement the missing logic on it yourself.




Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your reply! I took your advice and signed up for the trial of Mobiscroll's Javascript framework and am doing well integrating the calendar. A few questions still remain but I'll bring them up as separate discussions if need be. 

Hopefully I can put this on Forge by the time I'm done.