[AG-Grid] JavaScript error in IE11: 'fetch' is undefined

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Published on 2019-01-22 by João Sousa
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Published on 2019-01-22 by João Sousa

Hi folks,

I happen to be using this component for an IE11 project and found this JavaScript bug:

...this is easily replicated by opening the component's sample link.

It seems this component is using Fetch API to retrieve data from the server (in one of the possible implementations to render data in AG Grid). Besides the alternative to load the data directly, by passing a record list to the web block (which is not desirable), the way to fix this seems to be through usage of a polyfill. Anyone had this issue, before? Any recommended Fetch polyfill I can reference?



...one solution was possible thanks to Github Fetch (whatwg) polyfill library and ES6-Promise dependency.

For future reference, please have a look at my custom AG Grid implementation, also attached. Regards!