Label text is a calculated Value

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please kindly help me with below query:

"Label text is a calculated Value". But in the Properties - Value we are giving the text to be displayed as lable. So how is it called as a calculeted value?

Lables are Bound to an input through the Input Widget property. Is it mandatory or optional?

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The bound of a label to an input field is optional. 

The value property can be a fix text like:

"My Label" 

but don't forget the Quotation marks

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Hello Maria,

Thank you for the clarification.

can we calculate the value of a lable by an expression?



Dear Uday,

Yes, you can. Please refer to the below documentation for more details.

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Hello Singanamala

Both widgets and language statements can have properties. Some properties accept only literal values, while others accept expressions (calculated values), like the Value property in a Label widget.

When the property accepts an expression, you can assign any expression, that will be evaluated at run time, when the element is executed or build, and the result will be used as the value for the property.

For example, when you assign a text variable to the Value property of a Label widget, the value stores in this variable at the moment the Label is build will be used.