User table record with username

Hi All,

Im trying to fetch a user record from USer table with user name.

But when I execute the code the user return from the aggregate is empty.

So I tried to check the executed sql for the aggregate and I could see an and condition added over the tenant Id column with the tenant id of the espace. But the record is with the tenant id of Users espace.

Quite confusing and can anyone hel pme out

Hi Ajithkumar,

Your not having the rights for accessing users in the environment your working.Its will be the reason the users aggregate is empty.



If so how can I access the users table

Ajithkumar Radhakrishnan wrote:

If so how can I access the users table

you can create a rest api, where you will send the username and then filter the users table based on username and pass the user record as the output from restapi.Hope it will work


Please check  your module's property 

User Provider Module is Users