What is the best method in Outsystems to calculate the difference between 2 DateTimes? Like the C# timespan for example. I need to know if the difference between 2 DateTimes is larger then a certain Integer (or an other calculated DateTime if that works better).  

I noticed that you can't subtract 2 DateTimes from each other nor can I convert the DateTime to an Integer type (or any other Data Type except String that gives me a very strange format). 

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Hi Vicent,

You have this functions:

All of them returns Integer type.

It's this that you need?

Hope this can help you.




I misread the explanation of DiffSeconds. I thought it would only use the time portion of a DateTime (like DiffDays does by only using the Date portion) but it does what I need (up until a very short timeframe but it within my use limits for now). 

Thanks for the suggestions :)