recover the application (included all version) deleted by espaces

is it possible to recover the application (all versions) deleted by espaces?

Try to check  C: \ Users \ xyx\ AppData \ Local \ Temp \ OutSystemsTemp but
is empty.

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Hello, have you checked via service center?

Hi Daniela,

Published eSpaces, and all previously published versions of eSpaces (and Extensions, for that matter), are store in the database, not anywhere on your local computer. Active eSpaces can be viewed in Service Center, like Bernardo wrote; however, once you've deleted them, they are no longer visible there iirc. The only way to regain them is via the data model: check the Espace Entity (and related Entities), and create an app that enables downloading them from there.

Thanks Kilian,

Could you provide a quick example of how this might be implemented?

Hi Stephen,

I could, but I have limited time. What did you try already yourself? Anything specific you ran into?